Monthly Archives: September 2012

Digitized Titanic Footage Revives Epic Undersea Expedition

Written 2012-09-19 by Herman_Digi

Regardless of the scope of a film conversion project, rediscovery of history can feel sublime.  At Herman ProAV we offer a number of analog-to-digital conversion tools to make obsolete reels, video and audio tape become fresh portals for memory and imagination....

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Nanotech, Audio Visual and Animals – A Classroom of the Future, Today.

Written 2012-09-07 by Herman_Digi

The Memphis Zoo’s recently installed “NanoZoo Connects” (so-named for its research with nanotechnology) will allow remote learning for thousands of students in rural Tennessee schools. For example, the technology allows “keeper chats” and other live action around the zoo to...

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