Monthly Archives: January 2013

5 Things Audio Visual Professionals Hate

Written 2013-01-18 by H8fRi845jF

The professional Audio Visual industry is huge and growing in tandem with the continuous expansion in current technological and creative advancements. The dreamed of future is now the present in terms of what is possible and needed in A/V technology,...

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Using Video Mapping for Interactive, Engaging Events

Written 2013-01-15 by Herman_Digi

Video mapping has been seen for the past few years on famous buildings and outdoor events, but more and more it is gracing the surfaces in hotel ballrooms and conference halls.  Why the sudden interest in bringing such grandiose design...

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Four Simple Ways to Support Sustainability in Your A/V System Design

Written 2013-01-09 by Herman_Digi

For the past few years, it seems “Going Green” has been a major focus for technology and event planners.  At times it seems that it’s a whole lot of talk without much result.  The truth is that small changes can...

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Why and When: Wireless In-Ear Monitoring Benefits & Uses

Written 2013-01-03 by Herman_Digi

Jason Kelly of Sennheiser presented Tips and Tricks for System Design and Installation for IEM. You can view the archived webinar in its entirety at the Learning Center. For this post, we wanted to focus on the benefits of wireless...

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