Monthly Archives: February 2013

Professional Audio Systems for Live Events

Written 2013-02-23 by Herman_Digi

If you have a live event planned, then you need an audio system that can make it happen. That requires setting up and running some kind of sound system and having someone with the know-how to engineer it. Any event...

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Video Mapping for Interactive Engaging Events

Written 2013-02-21 by Herman_Digi

Video mapping has been seen for the past few years on famous buildings and outdoor events, but more and more it is gracing the surfaces in hotel ballrooms and conference halls.  Why the sudden interest in bringing such grandiose design...

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Videowall Design Considerations for Now and in the Future

Written 2013-02-19 by Herman_Digi

With videowalls gaining more popularity than ever, system integrators have more opportunities to use this technology in different configurations.  Even if the displays are individually placed across multiple locations the effect of impressions is still great as it’s easy to...

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Why Do I need a Power Conditioner

Written 2013-02-17 by Herman_Digi

What does a power conditioner do?  Although some AV pros debate over the need for power conditioners, their true benefit comes from their intended use.  To deliver the proper voltage to sensitive equipment and handle loads with multiple devices.  Conditioners...

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Be Prepared with Plan B for Wireless Microphones

Written 2013-02-15 by Herman_Digi

Knowing ahead of time how to deal with some of the common issues with wireless microphones can keep you away from that sick feeling when your wireless microphone set-up stops working during an event. 5 Common Problems to Avoid 1.     Incompatibility...

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