Monthly Archives: March 2013

STEP = LEED to Measure the Green in Your AV Design

Written 2013-03-27 by Herman_Digi

Sustainable Technology Environments Program initiative introduced at ISE 2012 by InfoComm International to encourage the use of green technology and establish a standard rating system for green products similar to the LEED ratings for buildings. At present LEED and other...

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Does Bluetooth Make Sense for Wireless Audio?

Written 2013-03-22 by Herman_Digi

Why not? Bluetooth technology has been around since 1999 and common in our everyday lives.  Yet even with all of the available accessories and equipment integrators don’t always think of it in terms of eliminating wire runs and labor. Connecting...

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Is the Digital Signage Focus at ISE 2013 a Sign of the Times?

Written 2013-03-13 by Herman_Digi

Why worry about digital signage? Pro AV doesn’t typically get involved in signage however; new advances in touchscreens, video mapping and the drive to serve up greater interactivity are moving integrators in the world of digital signs. A snap shot...

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Cloud Services: The Sky’s the Limit for Pro AV Control

Written 2013-03-06 by Herman_Digi

Cloud services have been widely talked about along with the convergence of IT and AV.  As AV designers look for ways to incorporate sustainability and cost control, the benefits of cloud services make more sense than ever.  Any equipment that...

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