Monthly Archives: April 2013

Projectors: Going Green & Solid

Written 2013-04-29 by Herman_Digi

Innovations in commercial projectors have been moving toward the use of solid state light sources for the past few years as the technology is able to produce the required lumens for pro integrations.  The biggest developments have been in the...

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Top considerations for digital matrix switchers

Written 2013-04-26 by Herman_Digi

As we approach the analog sunset and the transition to pure digital designs using HDMI and DVI, the need to route and manage all of these devices within a design can be a challenge.  In some cases you are trying...

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Hey, You’ve Got Your IT In My AV

Written 2013-04-22 by Herman_Digi

Not only are the lines between IT and AV thinner and more blurry as AV pros utilize cloud based controls and networked devices, the responsibilities are also crossing lines. Some potential pitfalls can be avoided with a few early collaborations...

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Are your integrations prepared for the analog sunset?

Written 2013-04-04 by Herman_Digi

In the race for higher resolution, speed and quality audio technology has been moving from an analog world to pure digital.  Although consumer electronics are the main focus of these changes from televisions to Blue Ray Disc players, the ‘analog...

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