5 Reasons Homeowners Seek Next-level AV Integration

Written 2018-07-09 by Chris Bianchet

Today’s home automation system looks and performs much differently than what existed a mere ten years ago. Driven by the proliferation of on-demand content, the pervasiveness of the iPad/tablet and a conditioned mindset that we can have mobile access to nearly everything, homeowners are seeking out these same kinds of technology when they entertain inside (or on the outside) their homes.

It’s no surprise that homeowners are going all in on the complete audio/visual integration experience within their homes considering the positive economic environment we are in, and the market data supports this shift in expectation. The external environment displays a long-awaited, post-recession upward trend in the residential market that shows homeowners are not only demanding home automation systems, but they have the dollars to make it happen.

Key indicators that homeowners are ready for home automation systems:

  • New construction surge. New home construction is at its highest levels since 2007, with 2017 producing numbers in the range of 7.5 percent higher than 2016.
  • Remodeling on the upward curve. Home remodeling expenditures are also keeping pace with a 6.7 percent growth trajectory equivalent to $317 billion, according to Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies.
  • Millennials getting in the ownership game. The tech-savvy demographic that previously avoided asset ownership of all types is now showing signs of changing attitudes for home ownership.
  • Demand for home automation systems is widespread. Houzz, the popular online platform for home remodeling and design, recently reported survey data that one in three homeowners plan to install home automation in the next year.

The challenges homeowners face as they seek home automation systems:

  • Understanding the big picture. While the homeowner might understand that they want integration, they may not be schooled up on everything current technology (such as Crestron, AMX and URC) can offer them. By working with experienced, knowledgeable technicians, the homeowner can communicate and achieve their end goals without deep knowledge of how these systems work.
  • Connecting with top technicians. Finding good help is the perennial challenge for any project. Homeowners will want to partner with companies that that understand the latest technologies and take a customer-centric approach to every installation.
  • Managing the process. For the homeowner who may or may not know much about home automation, managing the installation process may be challenging. Working with a partner that they can trust to get the job done correctly, quickly and with the highest quality systems and hardware is essential.
  • Keeping up with improvements. Technology leapfrogs at a pace that seems faster than lightning. Upgrading decisions can be worked through with reliable and trustworthy installation professionals to ensure the homeowner doesn’t spend unnecessarily but always has the latest and greatest AV automation system in place.
  • Homeowners are driving the demand toward home automation systems. They want their entertainment systems to function in the same easy-to-access way as their smartphones, and when they hire a residential integrator, they want to know that service won’t be a problem when it is required.

That’s where Herman Integration Services comes in. With our skilled team, we can help augment the residential market and deliver a service that allows residential integrators the ability to provide a higher level of professionalism and that leaves customers more satisfied.

Check out three reasons why Herman Integration Services can make a difference in the home automation systems market:

  • Compatibility: The skillset between commercial and residential integration has many compatible synergies, including an amazing team of highly trained integration experts with skills that benefit both residential and commercial applications.
  • Professionalism: Professionalism is often the competitive edge that defines a company. With experienced technicians and a reputation for professionalism that is just as strong, we’re sure these qualities will transcend markets.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Fast turnaround time is everything, and residential customers are more time-sensitive. With our ability to scale resources, we broaden our ability to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

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