5 Things Audio Visual Professionals Hate

Written 2013-01-18 by H8fRi845jF

a/v industryThe professional Audio Visual industry is huge and growing in tandem with the continuous expansion in current technological and creative advancements. The dreamed of future is now the present in terms of what is possible and needed in A/V technology, and the demand for professionals has never been greater or more varied. The industry has a huge and evolving range of jobs that include all kinds of technical experts from A/V engineers and technical directors, videographers, deejay sound mixers, projectionists and stage hands to equipment engineers.

The A/V professional technician is asked to know and operate a wide range of equipment in order to properly direct, create or project sound and visual images for projects. There is such a range of jobs in the A/V industry, some dealing with audio and visual separately and others requiring knowledge of both audio and visual technology.

Because the nature of the industry has grown so vast, the scope of the A/V job is customized to the job at hand and new skills are required every day. A working ability with scores of technical elements is required basic knowledge to achieve deserved professional status.

5 Things that Just Don’t Work

Though A/V jobs come in all shapes and sizes, there are general snags that hang up most A/V experts when working in the field.  It is good to have a working knowledge of these simple basic “NOTS” to keep the industry working like lights, camera, action – no matter which end or what part of the industry you serve. Simple awareness makes everyone’s job more successful and easier to achieve.


Probably no piece of equipment is more fundamental to the A/V industry than cable. Tangled cables definitely scream amateur and no professional should have to deal with tangled and disorganized cables. Untangling and organizing cables absorbs time and effort on any job and is inexcusable.  Also, cables that are folded or creased result in stressed internal wires that may result in cables that are damaged and that fail to work properly. There is a simple way to organize cables that has been used since the inception of stage work – winding cable from around the outside of the elbow through thumb and forefinger and tying off the coiled cable – it is stagecraft 101.

Obsolete and Inadequate Equipment and Gear

There are times when an A/V professional arrives on the job and finds old or obsolete equipment. The changing technologies in the A/V industry demand some upgrades that permit technological compatibility with goals. Outdated equipment and gear may prohibit job completion. As new technologies are developed and greater design sophistication appears in the field, it is important to keep an upgraded range of equipment that keeps pace with these new developments.

Missing Features in Equipment or Productsmissing a/v equipment

Nothing is more frustrating to the A/V Pro than purchasing or ordering A/V equipment that arrives with missing features or non-functional parts. Because of the growth in technologies and the market saturation with new equipment to compliment A/V developments, equipment can be inconsistent, and a lot of it is newly designed. Time is wasted on trying to figure out equipment that in the end proves faulty or incomplete. This requires parts and equipment replacement and hours on the job.

Just Plain Rude

Often the A/V technician walks into a job that has time constraints and deadline pressures. It can be technical work for an event or concert, or a set-up for a large venue involving multiple co-ordinations and production goals. All the elements of a successful event rely ultimately on the ability of the A/V tech to do the job well and on time.

Time pressures cause people to forget that the A/V Pro has a job to do and they vent their frustrations and nervousness, taking it out on the A/V tech. The gear and equipment found on location, what must be brought in, and the kind of job at hand determines the speed and accuracy with which the A/V Pro can successfully complete the job. Keeping in mind that the A/V tech is at the heart of the job and that no event will occur without the proper technical elements, refrain from venting to the A/V professional and help keep things smooth, polite, on track and on time.

Lack of Information and Misinformation

Frequently, those with little or no experience with electronics and A/V equipment interfere with it and try their hand at assembling, purchasing, operating or repair. This rarely ends well and the A/V Pro is called in to assist after the fact. Seeking the proper expert for the job and heeding advice is always the best way to go. This prevents wasted time, energy and cost.

Also, the electronics A/V novice in action can do a lot more harm than good, and a simple task can turn into a full blown job or re-purchase due to complications caused by ineptitude or lack of experience and skill. Save yourself time and money and leave it to the experts. They have spent time and effort to know their field and to help you achieve your goals.

Leave it to the Experts

Calling in or calling on a professional for any A/V Project is the advised way to go. Learning the basic general information regarding the technology involved is also a wise decision. In the end, it saves time, money and effort, and is the best way to insure a productive outcome.

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