AOC from C2G is a HDMI Win!

Written 2012-07-02 by Herman_Digi

Today there are more than 2.2 billion HDMI enabled devices in use. As the pressures of Analog Sunset continue to move the industry towards its inevitable future of living within an all-digital infrastructure, it’s more important than ever that you have a dependable, simple and high quality HDMI connectivity solution. C2G (formerly Cables To Go) was the first to market with a true HDMI solution based on an active optical cable and their product is setting the performance standard.

The AOC consists of an HDMI connection that runs into a media converter chip. A media converter is a device the changes the nature of a signal so it can move within a different topology. Media converters are often seen within data center solutions as an interface between UTP category copper wiring and single or multi-mode fiber optic solutions. In this case, C2G has used its familiarity with IT connectivity to create a wide bandwidth (high speed, 10.2Gb/s) HDMI channel that leverages the immense capacity of dual fiber strands. Hence AOC is a fiber AV connection for HDMI.

The “A” in AOC stands for “active”. The media converter chips need to be powered. Here is where C2G really struck gold. They mounted a USB connection on a 24” lead to the sink end of the AOC assembly. The sink, or display if you prefer, is by its very nature a powered device. And since almost all new LCD flat panels or integrated interactive white boards (IWB) offer USB connectivity, what C2G did was to find a convenient source of power (USB ports, by design, can supply 500mA @ 5 volts) that places no demands upon power management, doesn’t jam a wall-wart into an inconvenient installation, and requires no additional connectivity steps. The USB connection plugs into the projector or flat panel at the sink (display) end and powers both ends of the AOC assembly!

If it’s not enough to create a product that fully support HDMI High Speed 1080p capabilities while shunning RFI, EMI and ground loops as only a fiber connection can, consider this. The AOC is plenum rated and has a 3mm minimum bend radius. You read that right – 3mm! This is the thinnest, most flexible HDMI connection solution on the market.
Herman Pro AV now has the AOC from C2G in stock in the following length’s:

C2G 10 Meter Active Optical Cable (AOC)
C2G 15 Meter Active Optical Cable (AOC)
C2G 20 Meter Active Optical Cable (AOC)

C2G is planning 25 and possibly 30 meter lengths this summer. Step into the leading edge of 21st Century digital AV connectivity with the Active Optical HDMI cable from C2G. Ready for your project now.