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4 Tips for Handling Proposal Overload

Written 2015-05-06 by Herman_Digi

If you have been in the AV Integration business for a while then you undoubtedly have experienced its cyclical nature. We all cycle through those times when it feels as though business is at a standstill, but we recognize that...

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Sticking With Your Guns: Why Integrators Avoid Sourcing Changes Even When The Benefits Are Clear!

Written 2014-10-01 by Herman_Digi

The Way We Have Always Done It   Ask yourself the following question… How many things do you do each day merely because it is the way you have always done it?   I would be willing to bet that...

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Should Integrator Sales Pros Be Quoting Solutions?

Written 2014-06-03 by Herman_Digi

One thing is for sure in the age of the Internet: People want things fast. In a world where e-commerce and retail are blurring together by technology that is figuring out how to bring customers same day delivery without ever...

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Bottlenecks In AV Proposal Delivery

Written 2014-05-06 by Herman_Digi

In the journey for “More” business for AV Integrators there are always a few challenges. There are, of course, the challenges of every business such as prospecting, competition and a rapidly shifting buyer’s journey, and then there are the challenges of most...

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Sennheiser LSP 500 Pro Portable Wireless Sound System | Review

Written 2014-04-15 by Herman_Digi

The new LSP 500 Pro Portable Wireless Sound System is a Pro AV product that’s been a long time coming. While there have certainly been numerous portable sound systems available, there wasn’t really one that ticked all the boxes for...

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