Be Your Company’s Secret Weapon

Written 2017-07-06 by Chris Bianchet

If you didn’t stop by the Herman booth at InfoComm, then you missed at least four ways to bring value to your business. Whether you’re in management, sales, engineering or services, we can show you how to improve the bottom line for your company and make you employee of the month!

Management: Growing is the best way to put more money to the bottom line, but nobody wants the growing pains. It takes too long to recruit, hire, train, and acclimate a new employee, and the cost/risk benefit may take a year or more. Herman Integration Services has expert AV labor resources that are ready to go at a rate that is about the same as your current hourly costs and certainly less expensive than hiring more resources that might be underutilized in the long term.

Sales: If you are in a Sales role and you want a raise, the answer has always been the same: sell more! But how do you do that when there aren’t enough resources to help with pre-sales? Who is going to create an accurate Bill of Materials? Who can do the extra work when your current resources are already tied up? Herman can help with pre-sales engineering, BoM, sketches, labor estimates, and we can fulfill the job even if it is out of your typical region or market.

Engineering: I am an Electrical Engineer. I know so many engineers that get so laser focused on their engineering role that they forget to develop their career. You could go into the boss’ office and threaten to quit, but that is not going to have a positive effect on your career. The best way to get a raise is to make yourself more valuable to the company. Stop doing the less important things. Start doing the more important and profitable tasks and leave the routine engineering work to Herman. We can design drawings to your company standards and create a BoM in your template.

Service: Did you omit the service contract from your sale because you just don’t have the resources to perform service quickly and effectively? Did you let your customer hire a competitor because you can’t provide service nationwide? As a subcontractor, we have labor resources nationwide to help support your service agreements and add reoccurring revenue to your projects.

Smart business managers know that unutilized labor kills net income, and growing is essential for a healthy business. Smart salespeople know that they can make more money just by selling more service and integration work. And smart engineers know that they don’t get raises until they become a more valuable asset to their team.

Herman Integration Services doesn’t just supplement your resource team; we can help you become a valuable contributor to your company!