A Quandary for the AV Engineering Manager: Remote or On-Site Support, Send Them or Not…

Written 2016-04-06 by Chris Bianchet

When estimating a project that includes AV system programming, I am often asked my opinion on on-site support verses remote support.  As an integrator, both solutions pose positive and negative effects on both the project and the business.  The first...

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Best Practices for Working with AV Subcontractors from a Technician in the Field

Written 2016-01-29 by Chris Bianchet
AV Installer

Every month I write a blog from the perspective of an owner of an AV company.   This month, however, we thought it would be great to hear from one of our leaders in the field, Scott Straw and his perspective...

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Validating Outsourcing With a Data Driven Approach

Written 2015-10-22 by Staci Walter
Measuring data

Here’s a sobering statistic: Did you know that it has been estimated that the costs incurred due to the turnover of one employee are somewhere between 16 percent (low paying jobs) to 213 percent (for highly educated or specialized jobs)...

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Sennheiser LSP 500 Pro Portable Wireless Sound System | Review

Written 2014-04-15 by Herman_Digi

The new LSP 500 Pro Portable Wireless Sound System is a Pro AV product that’s been a long time coming. While there have certainly been numerous portable sound systems available, there wasn’t really one that ticked all the boxes for...

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Review of Altinex TNP121, TNP125 and TNP128 Surface Mount Boxes

Written 2014-01-30 by Herman_Digi

It can be a challenge finding reviews of high-end AV products online, particularly products that have been dedicated to the Professional AV distribution channels, like those from Altinex. We’ve seen growing demand for this information lately, so we are highlighting...

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