4 Reasons Why Working with the Right AV Distributor Is Smart Business

Written 2016-01-18 by Staci Walter
AV Distribution and AV logistics

No two businesses on the planet are exactly the same. This is especially true in the AV Integration space. Having said that, in today’s marketplace all integrators have similar needs that must be met in order to help them run...

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Digitized Titanic Footage Revives Epic Undersea Expedition

Written 2012-09-19 by Herman_Digi

Regardless of the scope of a film conversion project, rediscovery of history can feel sublime.  At Herman ProAV we offer a number of analog-to-digital conversion tools to make obsolete reels, video and audio tape become fresh portals for memory and imagination....

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Herman ProAV Wants your Experience to Rock

Written 2012-08-13 by Herman_Digi

People sometimes wonder how simple ordering through Herman Pro AV’s website can be, and how much interaction/support they can obtain throughout the process. We though we’d take this opportunity to show you Herman’s latest order online, and the information that...

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AOC from C2G is a HDMI Win!

Written 2012-07-02 by Herman_Digi

Today there are more than 2.2 billion HDMI enabled devices in use. As the pressures of Analog Sunset continue to move the industry towards its inevitable future of living within an all-digital infrastructure, it’s more important than ever that you...

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HERMAN announces New Technical Services Division

Written 2012-06-30 by Herman_Digi

Herman, one of the nation’s leading providers of connectivity and infrastructure products and services to the broadcast and commercial AV industries, has announced the creation of a new division….Herman Integration Services. The new division will provide technical resources to AV...

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