Is the Digital Signage Focus at ISE 2013 a Sign of the Times?

Written 2013-03-13 by Herman_Digi

Why worry about digital signage? Pro AV doesn’t typically get involved in signage however; new advances in touchscreens, video mapping and the drive to serve up greater interactivity are moving integrators in the world of digital signs. A snap shot...

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Videowall Design Considerations for Now and in the Future

Written 2013-02-19 by Herman_Digi

With videowalls gaining more popularity than ever, system integrators have more opportunities to use this technology in different configurations.  Even if the displays are individually placed across multiple locations the effect of impressions is still great as it’s easy to...

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Herman Recommends Belden Shielded Network Cable

Written 2012-08-07 by Herman_Digi

The AV landscape now demands HDMI, DVI or Display Port capability in any well designed system. Due to the well known distance limitations of these platforms it is almost always necessary to use an extender to achieve reliable performance beyond...

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AOC from C2G is a HDMI Win!

Written 2012-07-02 by Herman_Digi

Today there are more than 2.2 billion HDMI enabled devices in use. As the pressures of Analog Sunset continue to move the industry towards its inevitable future of living within an all-digital infrastructure, it’s more important than ever that you...

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