5 Ways Hiring a Subcontractor for Your Labor Needs Empowers you to Achieve More

Written 2019-07-17 by Chris Bianchet

Subcontracting is a great way to build and grow your business. Partnering with an AV labor services provider can be a power move, expanding your ability to excel at serving your customers. Here are 5 ways you can achieve more...

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Should AV Integrators Think about Doing (More) Structured Cable Work?

Written 2015-04-06 by H8fRi845jF

Growth is the goal we all aspire to achieve in the integration business. At least most of us. After riding a half-decade wave of financial turbulence, if you came out the other end equal or better than you went in,...

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Nanotech, Audio Visual and Animals – A Classroom of the Future, Today.

Written 2012-09-07 by Herman_Digi

The Memphis Zoo’s recently installed “NanoZoo Connects” (so-named for its research with nanotechnology) will allow remote learning for thousands of students in rural Tennessee schools. For example, the technology allows “keeper chats” and other live action around the zoo to...

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Gefen Announces New Lower Cost HDBaseT extender for HDMI and DVI-D

Written 2012-07-16 by Herman_Digi

Extend HDMI and 3DTV over one CAT-5e cable – up to 230 feet (70 meters) The GefenTV HDBaseT Extender for HDMI over one CAT5 uses one CAT-5e/CAT-6a cable to extend 3DTV over 230 feet (70 meters) away from the source....

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