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Written 2012-08-13 by Herman_Digi

People sometimes wonder how simple ordering through Herman Pro AV’s website can be, and how much interaction/support they can obtain throughout the process. We though we’d take this opportunity to show you Herman’s latest order online, and the information that gets shared with it.

Our staff tirelessly approaches your order as if it were one of their own. Any relevant information to go along with your order will be brought to your attention, and any further questions can be asked as a follow up, with instant feedback expected. Below is the interaction from one of our customers who purchased our Sennheiser microphone.


Gooseneck Microphone Table Stand

Excited Customer:

I just received this microphone this morning, and it looks great.  I have not tried it out yet, however, because there is no way of mounting it to a podium.  Suggestions? 

Herman ProAv Techie:

In regards to your Sennheiser gooseneck microphone, you can order a table stand for it.  I am attaching a link to that stand below.  Other than that it’s simply a matter of attaching the microphone to a female xlr socket (see picture below).  If you don’t have one already built into the podium you will have to install it or use a table top stand like the one in the link.

Click here to see microphone.

So let us earn your business, and show you just how important your needs, and your questions are to us. We want to excel in every aspect of your audio/video needs. Contact one of our experts today and see what we can do for you. http://hermanproav.com/contact/