Herman Recommends Belden Shielded Network Cable

Written 2012-08-07 by Herman_Digi

The AV landscape now demands HDMI, DVI or Display Port capability in any well designed system. Due to the well known distance limitations of these platforms it is almost always necessary to use an extender to achieve reliable performance beyond 50 feet.  The latest generations of digital video extenders use HDBaseT technology. HDBaseT extenders enable digital video to be sent via cat5E, cat6 or cat6A network cable. Distances up to 100 meters(about 330 feet) are easily achieved and in most cases a shielded cable is recommended.

Herman recommends Belden shielded network cable. Belden cables provide the most headroom and guaranteed performance to spec. Whether you need riser or plenum, cat5E, cat 6 or cat6A, Belden has what you need.

Click here to view the Belden lineup of shielded network cable available from Herman.