Nanotech, Audio Visual and Animals – A Classroom of the Future, Today.

Written 2012-09-07 by Herman_Digi

The Memphis Zoo’s recently installed “NanoZoo Connects” (so-named for its research with nanotechnology) will allow remote learning for thousands of students in rural Tennessee schools. For example, the technology allows “keeper chats” and other live action around the zoo to be broadcast directly into the classroom via iPads.
Herman Pro AV dissected the equipment that would have or could have been used to make “NanoZoo” a reality. For distance learning our Cables to Go 41144 is a powerful all-in-one audio/video connectivity panel. Given the varying types of devices used in a room like the Zoo’s distance learning studio, CTG41144 enables users to easily and simply connect a wide array of consumer electronic to an HDTV. The panel provides hassle-free connectivity to laptops, iPod® / iPad®/ iPhone®, devices, digital/video cameras, Blu-ray™ or DVD players and game consoles to HDTVs or projectors. 
The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) awarded a grant to the Memphis Zoo in late 2011 for “NanoZoo”. Monies from the half-million dollar grant also outfitted a large classroom at their on-site Dotty Griscom Distance Learning Laboratory. In addition to the Zoo’s direct use for education and other functions, the space is also available for meetings by corporations and government entities.
The classroom utilizes three flat panel screens, a Promethean board, and a Tandberg standard-def unit for distance learning. Our Chief PFC is a large flat panel mobile cart. This cart or one similar to it would have been used mount and move the 3 flat panel screens at DGDLL.
Our Cables To Go 5387 is a USB 2.0 super-booster wall plate transmitter to dongle receiver kit. Since Smart boards run off of USB this unit would have been important to extend the USB signal. What makes this piece valuable is the fact that it has its own power source and it doesn’t have any built-in hubs. Since it is not a hub it will not take up any tiers within the USB’s 7 tier “network.

The Memphis Zoo’s nanotechnology achievement is the first of several AV events that Herman Pro AV plans to dissect. Our goal is to continue to identify product lines and value-added services in ways that spark further connections and innovation throughout the industry.
Chuck Brady, president and CEO of the Memphis Zoo stated, “What we learn in the early stages of these initiatives will revolutionize the way we are able to help educate students in Tennessee and, one day, across the globe.” (Steve Harvey, “Distance Learning at the Memphis Zoo”, Aug 22, 2012)