Review of Altinex TNP121, TNP125 and TNP128 Surface Mount Boxes

Written 2014-01-30 by Herman_Digi

It can be a challenge finding reviews of high-end AV products online, particularly products that have been dedicated to the Professional AV distribution channels, like those from Altinex. We’ve seen growing demand for this information lately, so we are highlighting some of the features and functions of three of the best-selling Altinex interfaces; the TNP121, TNP125, and the TNP128. These insights come directly from industry expert partners who install and test these products on a regular basis. So, let’s get to work.

Altinex Tilt-n-Plug Jr’s Product Details

The Tilt ‘N Plug Jr series is a family of compact interface solutions designed for installations into a table or work surface that provides easy access to the audio/video system, network, or any number of other systems while maintaining clean clutter free and professional boardroom, conference room or any other type of room that requires regular connection to an audio/visual system or data network.

What’s Great about the TNP JR Series:

  • Nicely designed
  • Easy to install
  • Virtually Eliminates all cable mess within a workspace
  • Easy to open and shut with spring load system
  • Super low profile – when closed it does not cause any interference on top of the table
  • All units come with a 6 foot terminated cables on everything except the power which is 8 feet long
  • All units are UL and cUL listed
  • All units can be easily customized on the Altinex website
Altinex TNP121
Altinex TNP121

Altinex TNP121
The TNP121, is the original member of a family of Tilt-n-Plug Jr family of interface solutions and is focused on analog audio (3.5 mm) & video (HD-15), network (RJ-45), telephone (RJ-11), & power. More information on the TNP121 unit here >>

Best Fit for the Altinex TNP121? Legacy Analog (VGA) Users
This is a legacy interface box. The best fit for this product is likely going to be a school, community center, or business that still needs to accommodate older computers or input devices. VGA is an analog format and it will be phased out completely at the end of 2014. Most computers sold in the past three years use both VGA and HDMI outputs. However, if the majority of your users (faculty, sales staff) are still using older computers, it may make sense financially to invest in this lower cost interface. If you have only the occasional HDMI user, you can invest in a HDMI>VGA converter, Altinex model VP500-101 that will take their HDMI signal and convert it to VGA which you can then use to connect with the table top box. As with all three of the Altinex Tilt-N-Plug boxes, you will also have a network connection slot available for those who cannot access the network wirelessly.


Altinex TNP125
The TNP125, is the digital solution that provides digital connectivity and a USB powered port. The TNP125 provides access to Digital video (HDMI), audio (3.5mm), Network (RJ45), Powered USB “A” and AC power connections. More information the TNP125 unit here >>

Best Fit for the Altinex TNP125? High Tech Spaces with Digital Resources
This is the Altinex all digital offering. This box does not have a VGA connection, which means those with older computers will need to have a converter, such as Altinex model VP500-100. If the majority of your users have upgraded within the past three years or so, this should not be an issue. The TNP125 also includes a very handy powered USB connection which is a nice feature for folks who are always looking for a place to charge their cell phone. You still have the RJ45 network connection as an alternative to wireless connectivity.


Altinex TNP128
Altinex TNP128
Altinex TNP128
With the transition to digital, Altinex saw a need for a hybrid solution that provided both analog and digital connectivity and the TNP128 is the result of that need. The TNP128 provides access to analog video (HD-15), audio (3.5mm), Digital video (HDMI), Network (RJ45), and AC power connections. More information on the TNP128 unit here >>

Best Fit for the Altinex TNP128? Spaces That Accommodate Varied Resources
The TNP128 includes both an HDMI input, and a VGA input. So if your users have varied computer resources, say you host a number of guest speakers or have student presentations, etc. an interface like this is the best option for you if you have an undefined video source. With accommodations for both, the TNP128 works for both legacy and HDMI users without the need for a converter. You also have the network connection for rooms where wireless connections are sketchy, or not available.


More from Altinex
If you need more connectivity Altinex has an entire range of interface solutions including the larger Tilt-n-Plug TNP528 (single sided), Pop-n-Plug (double sided), Cable Nooks, and Under-table solutions. Search here >>

We’ll have more on Altinex Tilt-N-Play products in the future, so stay tuned!

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