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3 (More) Things You Should Be Doing At InfoComm

Written 2014-06-10 by Chris Bianchet

It is InfoComm time again. That wonderful part of the year where those of us that have been in and around the AV industry for the better part of the past 2 decades pack our bags and head to Vegas...

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Bottlenecks In Proposal Delivery

Written 2014-04-29 by Chris Bianchet

In the journey for “More” business for AV Integrators there are always a few challenges. There are, of course, the challenges of every business such as prospecting, competition and a rapidly shifting buyer’s journey, and then there are the challenges...

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5 Tips For Great AV Project Handoffs

Written 2014-04-01 by Chris Bianchet

Nothing feels better for an integrator than coming to the end of a big project. After hours of scope work, planning, preparation and unforeseen changes, there is a sense of relief in the air when the last rack screw is...

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When Sales Account Managers Go Missing

Written 2014-03-13 by Chris Bianchet

If you want to get a quick response from your account manager, then we all know what we have to do: Just call them up and tell then you are ready to buy something. I think it is something in...

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Why AV Integrators Need Installation Standards

Written 2014-02-11 by H8fRi845jF

Over the past decade as technology has continued to become more simplified, the role of the integrator has in many ways become more complex. This is because technology in itself has not become simpler, but the user experience has and...

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