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AV Integrators: How to Successfully Outsource Labor on Quick Turn Projects

Written 2013-12-04 by Herman_Digi

One of our favorite expressions throughout the halls of Herman Pro and Herman-IS is “We strive to help our integrator partners say yes to more business.” I’ll go ahead and end the plug for Herman here, but I want everyone...

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Nanotech, Audio Visual and Animals – A Classroom of the Future, Today.

Written 2012-09-07 by Herman_Digi

The Memphis Zoo’s recently installed “NanoZoo Connects” (so-named for its research with nanotechnology) will allow remote learning for thousands of students in rural Tennessee schools. For example, the technology allows “keeper chats” and other live action around the zoo to...

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Chris Bianchet Joins HERMAN as President of New Division

Written 2012-06-06 by Herman_Digi

MIAMI, FL., JUNE 05, 2012. Herman Procurement & Logistics has hired Chris Bianchet to lead their newly formed division, Herman Integration Services. The new division will provide technical resources to AV systems integrators, allowing Herman to offer a suite of...

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