Using Video Mapping for Interactive, Engaging Events

Written 2013-01-15 by Herman_Digi

Video mapping has been seen for the past few years on famous buildings and outdoor events, but more and more it is gracing the surfaces in hotel ballrooms and conference halls.  Why the sudden interest in bringing such grandiose design to a smaller scale?

  • Static backdrops have a short lifespan and can cost almost triple the price of a beautiful video mapping on a wafer wall.
  • Mapping software programs are more available from companies like Coolux Media Systems ( ), Dataton & Red Hen System helping to achieve stunning visual effects with single or multiple projectors.
  • Staging design has almost no limits with video mapping.   When combined with other light-based elements that use fabrics such as Pillow and Wafers from Atomic Design ( ), the results are theatrical on an epic proportion.
  • Although the demands for brightness can reach 15,000+ lumen projectors, the option to do front or rear projection gives flexibility for different situations.  Some companies have even created custom enclosures for projectors making them part of the environment.
  • Some companies have even developed interactive tiles which can be set up as touchscreen video walls.  Christie has a modular kit that can be configured into 84 different sizes: .

Today’s meeting planners are looking to bring imaginative unforgettable experiences to corporate events and conferences.  It seems that video conferences and virtual events have not been able to replace the interaction and scale that comes from live events.  Video mapping can help bring a new level of excitement without breaking the budget. Check out our line of Panasonic Display Products and see how you can integrate video mapping into your next design.