What Does CTS Certification Really Say

Written 2013-02-13 by Herman_Digi

CTS CertificationThe CTS Certification (Certified Technology Specialist) is a well-respected designation for the AV professional.  For over 30 years, InfoComm has administered the CTS program and all three certification levels (CTS, CTS-D and CTS-I) are ANSI accredited under ISO and the IEC.*
CTS is the General Certification while CTS-D is for AV System Design Specialization and CTS-I is for AV System Installation Specialization.  By obtaining these certifications, an AV Professional is saying that they are committed to a set of industry standards and practices.  Companies who hire CTS certified employees know they have professional staff that are capable, experienced and dedicated.
For the AV Professional, it is more than just a statement of technical ability; it is a visible sign of commitment to continual education and ethical conduct.  The CTS certification is proof positive of the skills to meet the client’s needs on time and on budget with the right solutions.
The CTS-D designation focuses on the design aspect of AV systems as a designer who can carefully assess the needs, design and document the system.  As well as work with other professional to create the AV system that meets the client’s requirements.
The CTS-I certification is for AV professionals who install and maintain systems by following specs, schematics, codes and safety protocols.  They follow standard installation process logistics.  Installation Specialists are able to quickly troubleshoot and solve problems while maintaining the overall system.
Having a CTS certification or working with a Certified Technology Specialist says that being a professional is important to your success.  At Herman Pro AV, we are proud to have CTS Certified staff on our team because we know that they are providing the highest caliber of service every day for our customers.
*All three certifications are ANSI accredited under the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) ISO/IEC 17024 General Requirements for Bodies Operating Certification Schemes of Persons program.