Andrena and Daniel were a pleasure to work with.  Both took initiative to get the job done, correctly.  They both demonstrated their skill at solving technical problems with the installation and took care to ensure the projectors were installed correctly and in the correct location. 

We really appreciated Andrena’s in-depth knowledge and advice on the large projector screen and her expertise on getting this complex device installed along with all the requirements that were needed for the preparation of the installation.

We would gladly hire them again for a future installation.

Owner, Medium Integrator, Alabama 12.12.23


I just wanted to send you a note and let you know how impressed our engineer was with the work [Omar] did! He just did a site walk with the GC and commented on how great the work was compared to some of our recent installations.

Thank you so much for all your care and due diligence!

Project Manager,  Large Integrator, California 11.3.23

Nice Job

All responsibilities and expectations have been met and exceeded.  Nathan, our guy onsite, was incredibly complimentary of the Herman team that he worked with.  He especially commented on how good Mark was to work with.  Thank you for all you did to make the project a success.  We will look forward to our next opportunity to work with you and the rest of the Herman team!

Regional Operations Director,  Medium Integrator, Tennessee 8.16.21

Conscientious and Reliable

The team, led by Greg, was very conscientious and reliable.  Greg became an integral part of the onsite team and was invaluable in reporting issues as they arose. Even during the COVID-19 restrictions, his team kept the ball moving forward and helped us meet the client’s expectations.

Project Manager, Large Integrator, Florida 2.2.2021


I wanted to take the opportunity to thank Pavel for the amazing job he did for us. He had many obstacles to overcome, the quality of work and professionalism toward the customer was top-notch. I really appreciate all the hard work and effort.

Project Manager,  Large Integrator, New York 8.3.21

Exceeded Our Expectations

We want to thank you for the outstanding job Neal did on the job both days.  He was superb and far exceeded our expectations with his knowledge, skills, and pro-active can-do attitude.  We look forward to the next engagement working with him again!!

Project Manager, Medium Integrator, Florida 1.5.2021

Impeccable Work

Danny and Kevin are stellar in their performance and the knowledge they possess. They have both done impeccable work and are welcome back to any jobsite I ever have. They far and away surpassed my expectations.

Project Manager, Large Integrator, Minnesota, 12.16.20

Field Reports

What a great report – I am thrilled to be getting that daily. Detailed notes and serial numbers of what got installed over the course of the day are just awesome. 

I’ve gotten great feedback from our trainer as well.  So far a great first install with Herman techs.

Project Manager, IT Company,  New Jersey, 5.22.20

Above and beyond

I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how great of a job every one of your crew did on this project.  We had zero issues, everyone had a great attitude and went above and beyond to ensure that we finished on schedule. Please extend my kudos to them.  Thanks.

Project Manager, Large Integrator, Virginia, 1.16.20

Superior Skills

One thing I wanted to add is that Saeed and JP are far superior to most of the contractors I have worked with in the past. I have told them that I appreciate their work but please pass along my thanks.

Project Manager, Large Integrator, North Carolina 6.22.21

Professional, Quality Work

Raul was very professional and fun to work with, and Christian did an excellent job as well. The customer was VERY pleased with their professionalism and their quality of work. Please relay that to them when you can. Thank you for your support within this project!

AV Architect, IT Services, New York, 6.26.20

Knowledge, Work Ethic, and Professionalism

As usual, Mark was absolutely invaluable help on this.  I wish I could be assured that all contractors we hire come to the site with his knowledge, work ethic, and professionalism. 

Project Manager, Large Integrator, Kansas 9.2.2020

On-Time and Ready to Work

I want to take the time and Acknowledge Jose and Jr.  From the beginning, they were on time and ready to work.  Jose took the bull by its horns went to work, Jr was right alongside him, something that you hardly see nowadays.  Jose and Jr are both hard-working individuals and at any giving moment or job I would be honored to work alongside them again.”

Senior Project Manager, Large Integrator, New Jersey, 10.17.2019