About Us

At Herman Integration Services, we occupy a unique space in the industry.  We are not as a systems integrator, but rather an AV systems installation subcontractor and service provider to the AV systems integration industry.

We specialize in providing top quality technical integration services to AV Systems Integrators nationwide, including trained and industry certified technicians, project managers, programmers, and engineers. Herman’s certified technicians will be on the job representing your company in a professional manner consistent with your brand.

In 2012, Herman Electronics, began Herman Integration Services by identifying areas of need for system integrators.  We have expanded to offer the services of project managers, programmers, engineers, and CAD draftsmen.

Since our inception in 2012, we have focused on expanding our geographic footprint through acquisitions in California, Georgia, Texas, Chicago, and the Mid-Atlantic. We know that if we continue to focus on growth, build the right team, and earn the trust of our customers, we will continue to be the leading provider of AV labor resources in the country!


To help our Integrator Partners be more Successful


Put the integrator at the center of our decision-making.


To continually bring products and services that provide value to our customers.


To Provide consistent and reliable service.