Herman Now Offers Revit BIM

  • Experienced, professional Revit services for quick, short-term or complex, long-term projects 
  • Trusted AV Service partner ready when your customers request Revit 
  • Quality and accuracy BIM with our certified professionals

48-Hour Turnaround Time
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Staying up with the latest software can be a challenge for any company.  Purchasing and training someone on new software is not always the best investment.  That’s where Herman can help.  We have certified Revit professionals ready to help you with Revit® BIM software that supports a multi-discipline, collaborative design for your customers.  

We provide:


  • Wall mount details
  • Line of sight proofs


Room Layouts

  • RCP (reflected ceiling plans)
  • RFP (reflected floor plans)


Conduit Risers

  • Cable pull list
  • Labels