Flex Plan Service Agreement FAQs


  • How is Flex Plan maintenance tracked and invoiced?

Flex Plan agreements are invoiced and paid for upfront.  All users of the Flex Plan have access to our online portal to submit tickets, review tickets, track progress, and manage the hours utilized.

  • Is there a minimum number of hours for a service call?

All service calls are 3 hours minimum.

  • How quickly can a technician be on site?

Herman offers 24-hour response time and 48-hour onsite response for sites located within a 50-mile radius of the Herman Core Markets.

  • Can I use the hours for multiple clients or locations?

Yes. Service hours can be used for multiple sites and multiple customers.

  • How are the blocks of hours purchased?

An Integrator can prepay for 100, 250, or 500-hour blocks.

  • Do maintenance hours purchased, rollover?

If you purchase another Flex Plan Maintenance Agreement, your hours can rollover to the following agreement year. For instance, if you purchased a Flex Plan agreement for 100 hours and you have 25 hours left at the end of your agreement period, those hours will rollover as long as you purchase another Flex Plan. This will provide you a total of 125 hours to use during the second year.

  • What happens if you go over your Flex Plan block of hours?

You can choose to be billed directly for overage hours, or you can purchase an additional block of hours.

  • What if miscellaneous materials or cable are needed on the maintenance call?

The tech will purchase any necessary items for the maintenance call and the cost will be deducted from the balance of hours available under your plan.

  • What if a piece of equipment is inoperable or not in working order?

The service manager will work with you to create an RMA for products under the manufacturer’s warranty, and a return trip will be scheduled on the RMA piece once it has been returned to the site. If the product is outside of the warranty period, it will be the responsibility of the integrator to order a replacement part. Once the replacement part is on site, a return trip to install the part will be scheduled.

  • How is travel handled?

If you are purchasing a plan for an area within the 50-mile radius of the Herman Core Markets, you are given a 48-hour SLA, and there is no travel associated with the call. For sites located outside the 50-mile radius of the Herman Core Markets, travel may apply. Plan hours may be used to cover travel related expenses, thus there are no additional costs out of pocket.  The Herman service coordinator will provide a breakdown of estimated travel costs for tickets requiring travel.

  • Do I have to call for an estimate?

There is no need to call for an estimate and issue a PO, just submit your tickets through the portal.

  • Do I have to create a PO for each job?

No. The plan is prepaid annually.

  • Does the Flex Plan cover residential work?

At this time, we do not offer coverage on residential AV systems.