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Say YES to more business with AV resources from Herman Integration Services

Herman is the AV Systems Integrators’ Partner for:

  • Certified AV Systems Technicians

    Available nationwide, we offer flexible staffing solutions, competitive rates and quality talent.

  • Engineering and Programming

    Our AV engineers’ commission systems, program DSP, set up VTC systems, troubleshoot and lead field teams. They also provide pre- and post-sale engineering and drawings. Experienced programmers are certified in Crestron, AMX and BiAmp.

  • Rack Fabrication

    We build, test and ship fully assembled racks to your project site.

  • Project Management

    Field project managers lead and coordinate projects and will represent your company on the job site and report to you daily.

  • Maintenance Agreements

    Trained AV technicians are certified to manage maintenance calls and help you provide a new service without adding headcount.

Spend time building your business, not looking for resources!


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  • How we went from an Idea to #110 on the Inc. 500 in 4 years
    I still remember the feeling of making the decision to start Herman Integration Services.  After a long stint in the AV Integration space, I knew there was an opportunity, but that didn’t make such a big change any less scary. After talking to David and Jeffrey Wolf, my partners in Herman-IS and the owners of […]
  • How to Get the Most out of AV Labor Subcontractors
    Perhaps one of the most difficult things about being a subcontractor in the AV Industry is the way we are most commonly engaged. Let me paint a picture.
  • How Serious Are You About Creating a Recurring Revenue Model?
    For as long as I have been in the AV contracting industry, I have been around and part of the endless conversations about the importance of recurring revenue. “We need more service revenue” and “we need more predictable recurring revenue” are the echoing refrains coming from the owners and leaders of our integration firms. I […]
  • Do You Know the Cost of Your Own Labor?
    At the end of every project, integrators tend to do a rundown on their project costs. They factor in their installation labor, engineering, programming and then they apply that against their costs to come up with a profitability on the project. If they charged more than they spent, they take a little sigh of relief, […]
  • A Quandary for the AV Engineering Manager:  Remote or On-Site Support, Send Them or Not…
    When estimating a project that includes AV system programing, I am often asked my opinion on on-site support verses remote support.  As an integrator, both solutions pose positive and negative effects on both the project and the business.  The first and foremost question to ask:  “What is the end users expectation?”  This answer could eliminate […]

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