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Say YES to more business with AV resources from Herman Integration Services

Herman is the AV Systems Integrators’ partner for:

  • Certified AV System Technicians

    Available nationwide, we offer flexible staffing solutions, competitive rates and quality talent.

  • Engineering and Programming

    Our engineers’ commission systems, program DSP, set up VTC systems, troubleshoot and lead field teams. They also provide pre- and post-sale engineering and drawings. Experienced programmers are certified in Crestron, AMX and BiAmp.

  • Rack Fabrication

    We build, test and ship fully assembled racks to your project site.

  • Project management

    Field project managers lead and coordinate projects and will represent your company on the job site and report to you daily.

  • Service Plans

    Trained technicians are certified to manage service calls and help you provide a new service without adding headcount.

Spend time building your business, not looking for resources!


Latest News

Validating Outsourcing With a Data Driven Approach

Here’s a sobering statistic: Did you know that it has been estimated that the costs incurred due to the turnover of one employee are somewhere between 16 percent (low paying jobs) to 213 percent (for highly educated or specialized jobs)...

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Why Meaningful Change Is So Hard for AV Integrators

I can’t even begin to say how great this year’s Infocomm was. After a couple of decades in the AV industry, you would think attending the same show every year would wear on you, but it actually invigorates me. When...

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Time is Money – Or Is It? 5 Tips For Delivering AV Projects On Time

Perhaps no business phrase is better known than “Time is Money,” because no matter what business you’re in, it is relatable (and often, no matter what business you’re in, you don’t have enough of either!). “Time is Money” is definitely...

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Herman Announces New Pre-Sales Engineering Solution at InfoComm 2015

TAMPA,FL., JUN 17, 2014 – Herman (,the leading nationwide provider of professional AV products, procurement services and labor resources to systems integrators in the commercial AV andbroadcast industries, announced today the presentation of a new pre-sales engineering solution, the Herman...

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Streamlining The Approach To AV System Engineering

We have entered a time where many of our daily tasks are done differently. From the time we get out of bed until the time we go to sleep, technology is an instrumental part of our lives. To put this...

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